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Pro-Check Building & Pest Inspections Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Beaudesert, Morayfield

Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redland Bay to Morayfield

Our friendly staff are ready to organise your building and pest inspections for you in the greater Brisbane areas.

When purchasing a property there is a lot to be done during the process and we understand that your time is precious therefore we have tailored our service to efficiently organise your building, pest, electrical, etc., inspections that you require.   Our service area for Building Inspections is in the greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Redland Bay areas.

We will liaise with the professional licensed termite inspectors, pool inspector (for pool and pump and pool fence safety inspections and certification) and the Real Estate agents on your behalf, so that your building, pest or pool/pump inspection and pool fence safety inspections will take place at the same time. It is always a great benefit to be able to present the facts on site after the inspection, with a walk around the property. We encourage you to attend the building inspection, for this very important process.
In the event that it is not possible to be at the building inspection then the building inspectors will call you.

Building Inspections for New homes, Pre Purchase, Pre Sale, Defects and Special Purpose Inspections.

New Homes, Practical completion, Pre-Sale and Pre purchase Building Inspections highlight any significant items and safety issues that may not come to light for the untrained eye. Pro-Check Building Services will email you the required building agreement in compliance with the Australian Standards, and provide you with the details of the building inspector, pest inspector and any other inspectors that you have requested Pro-Check Building Services to book for you.

Building inspection 

Pro-Check Building Services in Brisbane offer Residential Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale, New Home Defects inspections and will organise the Pest Inspections on your behalf when we conduct your building inspection. 
We are available for services around Brisbane from Morayfield, Ipswich, Logan and Beaudesert areas with other Queensland areas upon request.

New Homes

The completion of defects inspections is very different and takes into account the areas as per the Australian Standard 4349.0.
This involves the roof if accessible with a 3.6 metre ladder placed on the ground, the ceiling void, an internal inspection and site


We offer a resources and information section to help clients and new home buyers get the most out of their inspections.
If you have any questions give us a call and we can help you out.