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PRO-CHECK® Building Services began the on path to excellence in 2007 with the goal of providing detailed building inspections and reports in the greater Brisbane areas.
The normal progression of a willing mind with an ailing body, tends to channel experienced builders into a service industry, utilising the skills obtained over a lifetime of practical experience.
There is no secret to maintaining the edge in any technical profession. Up skilling is the key, with great customer service the constant. 
The PRO-CHECK philosophy is to attend as many industry functions and trade shows a year as possible, to maintain the edge with our building inspections and reports. (Often up to a dozen). The great constant in the universe is change, and in this technical world we call home, we are often totally submersed in new things that require a paradigm shift in our thinking.
Our building inspectors are trained to provide a detailed report that is descriptive enough to be understood by non-professionals, and still be suitable for purpose.
Photos are included in the report, as they tell their own story.
If you are unable to be on site, we encourage you to call our building inspectors after you have digested the report, to discuss the outcomes of the findings. 

One call does it all to book your building inspection in Brisbane

Our friendly staff will liaise between agents, pest management contractors, electricians, engineers, plumbers and pool inspectors as necessary, to organise your building inspection. We encourage you to join us on site, and discuss items of interest, after the inspection of your property.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

Not as much as getting stuck with a Pandora’s Box full of nasty surprises. For a small investment, you receive amazing interest and unbelievable returns.
How long does it take? ... As long as is necessary to achieve a conclusion about the property being inspected. In general terms, 60+ minutes is adequate, depending on the size and condition of the property.

What is a building inspection? 

It comprises of a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the property. The internal areas includes, ceilings, walls, floors, doors, windows, and kitchen cabinets. External areas include, cladding, lintels, masonry, windows, flashings, decks, verandas, stairs and handrails. The roof and ceiling cavity will be viewed if safe access permits. The site, includes driveways, surface drainage, fencing and outbuildings, within 30m of the dwelling. 
Our building inspections are very hands on. If your building inspector arrives on site with grubby knees and cobwebs and dust over his back, it's not because he doesn't care about how he dresses, but rather that he is passionate about checking the subfloor on his knees, and crawling through trusses in the roof to check out the effectiveness of the external membrane. 

Why don't you do your own pest inspections? 

We use reputable independent contractors who are experts in their own field, and are able to treat any properties that are found to be at risk. You can't beat experience like that. The building inspection is usually around 1 hour, and the pesties are often there for the same duration. Doing them simultaneously makes sense, as the inspectors feed off each other in the summary of the inspection, and compare notable items that have been unearthed. Two pairs of eyes are likely to double the chances of locating issues that may be difficult to find.