Building inspection Logan site moisture


Building inspection Logan recommendations with site moisture

Moisture from the ground must be prevented from causing
1. Unhealthy or dangerous conditions, or loss of amenity for occupants:
2. Undue dampness or deterioration of building elements.

This applies to the whole site as well as immediately around the house.
High ground moisture also encourages termites and other pests into the area and must be avoided at all times.
It is recommended by our Logan building inspectors that moisture be drained way from the base of the footings and or stumps and moisture be removed from the subfloors.

Brisbane building inspectors find a lot of properties with landscaping designed in such a way that moisture ponds at the base of the footings.
This may be due to installation of gardens built against walls or paths being installed that do not allow the moisture to flow over the land as originally designed.
There are many reasons and it is always good maintenance to regularly check around the property especially during heavy wet periods to confirm that water and or moisture are being distributed away from the building mainly but preferably also the site.