Pre Purchase Unit Inspection Brisbane

Ray Hardy conducted a building inspection on my property prior to its purchase (by me) in February, 2008.
I was impressed by Ray's professionalism and the thoroughness with which he conducted the inspection (as was the agent with me, who hadn't dealt with Ray before).
Even though it was a 2 bedroom unit, he spent an hour going over the property, inside and out, and, when it came time to point out some of what he had found, I was amazed at what he had seen that was oblivious to a naked, untrained eye (such as mine).
Once done, Ray offered numerous suggestion and his service in getting the report to me was prompt.  The building inspection was done at 4pm and the (in depth) report was sitting in my e-mail Inbox the next morning.
Ray's service didn't end there and he was more than happy to answer any queries once the report had been handed over.
In short, I would recommend Ray and Pro-Check to anyone I know who is in need of a building inspection.

Giolio Saggin.