Our Brisbane building inspector could not believe his eyes when he and the pest inspection found this big termite mound in the roof void during the building inspection. Look into the dark area to see the nest.

Building inspections Brisbane, Redland Bay, Moreton Bay,  Ipswich, Logan, Jimboomba, Beaudesert areas


Our Building Inspectors will carry out a pre purchase building inspection in accordance with the Australian Standard 4349.1- 2007. The building report will advise of any major defects and safety issues that exist within the property within 30 m. Major defects and safety issues shall be acted on promptly, to limit the risk to the property and persons accessing the property.

Photos of major issues will be included, as they tell their own story. The building and pest inspections are booked for the same time, to minimize time wastage. Building Inspections generally last about an hour, depending on the property size and condition.

The initial build and pest reports often require the purchaser to obtain follow up inspections by engineers, arborists, landscapers, etc., so that a formal scope of works with costings can be undertaken. The shorter seven day building and pest contracts may not normally allow you enough time for your due diligence. These contracts normally include weekends and public holidays, so you may only have a limited time for all the necessary checks to be finalized.

All our building inspectors are licensed with the QBCC which was previously known as the BSA.


We use professional termite inspectors for the pest inspection, and they take approximately one hour on site. These Pest and termite inspectors and contractors can also assist with upgrades and treatments as necessary to limit the risk to the property.


Our friendly staff can also organise the electrical inspection to be conducted at the same time that Pro-Check Building Services conducts your building inspection for your convenience.


Do you require a property valuation? We are able to organise your valuation with a professional company, preferably for the same time as the other inspections when Pro-Check Building Services Building inspector conducts your Building inspection.


Advise us when booking if you require a pool and pump inspection and or a pool fence safety inspection and we will organise for this inspection to be conducted at the same time as our building Inspector conducts your building inspection in the greater Brisbane areas.

As of the 1.12.10 all pool and spa fences are required to be certified by a pool fence safety inspector when selling or renting the property otherwise you will need to have the pool or spa fence certified within the 5 year period from 1.12.10. If you are buying a property and have been issued with a form 36 then you will have 90 days from settlement to have your pool fence inspected and certified.

The safety of your and other children is paramount and children are very clever at devising ways to gain access to the pool. There are many cases of injury or drowning in Queensland each year and we all want to reduce this number. Have your pool fence inspected and rectify any areas of concern and ensure that you assess the safety of your pool regularly. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the pool fence is compliant with the current regulations.

Pools and Spas can be a great deal of fun and also a very expensive problem if they are not functioning as designed. Water leaking problems can have a huge impact on your property, and pump failure can be costly. We recommend that you get a licensed pool builder or plumber to inspect your pool, pump or spa and report on their condition.


If you require a structural engineer for a structural inspection to be carried out at the same time as the building inspection, then please advise at the time of booking, and we will liaise with these professionals. Structural engineers are the only professionals qualified to comment on structural matters.


Pro-Check Building Services conducts Building Inspections in the Greater Brisbane areas from Morayfield as far as the Gold Coast, Ipswich areas, Logan areas and Redland Bay areas.

Other areas on request.​​

You may call 0411 046 076 to book your building inspections from 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 4 pm Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

We offer this service to our clients as we understand that you may not be able to organise your building inspections during the week or during working hours.

Why we use professional Pest Inspectors

By using a professional pest inspector to inspect your new home, they can recommend the correct treatment and provide remedies for current issues, and assist in maintaining a good pest maintenance program. By the building and pest inspections being done at the same time they are able to discuss any issues together. Both building and pest inspectors will discuss their building inspections for your property with you and you are most welcome to ask questions. In Qld., pest inspectors must to have two years’ experience in the field, before they can become termite inspectors. This is all to your benefit.


A pre - sale property inspection often has two functions. The first is that you the owner will have a report in accordance with the Australian Standard 4349.0-2007, which will give you the opportunity to rectify any problem areas that you may not have been aware of, before advertising the property. You can then choose the trade professionals to carry out the work, and with the warranties for the work as necessary. This may be an added benefit, in the event of an auction sale.

Building inspection prior to warranty period expires 

Is your warranty period on your new home coming up soon? Get a building inspection in accordance with the Australian Standard 4349.0-2007 to inform you of any category one defects and safety issues that may be able to be rectified by your builder before warranty expires. 
Just as the family car needs servicing at least once a year, houses are no different. Many of the problems that we see on our property inspections have been the result of negligence, or miss information about home gardening and home renovations. We recommend a complete check-up regularly, which, will ensure you can keep on top of these little sneaky maintenance items that go unnoticed. Ask yourself this.... when was the last time you checked out your ceiling cavity? Did you know that the flashing had torn and was letting water through? And did you know there was a carpet snake or rat's nest on your eaves in the far corner over your garage? Have you had someone check your roof lately? Most tiled roofs have cracked or slipped tiles that will let moisture penetrate through without anyone being aware. One good solid Queensland summer hailstorm has the possibility of shattering weakened tiles. That’s one big insurance claim coming up!