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Pro-Check Building inspections, serving the greater Brisbane area.

Our efficient staff are able to organise your building, pest, or other inspections for you in the greater Brisbane areas, or other locations in the south east on request.

Pro-Check understand that your time is precious therefore we have tailored our services to efficiently organise your building, pest, electrical, or other inspections that you may require to fulfill the due diligence provisions, prior to moving forward.

The initial building and pest property inspections are to disclose areas or items that require further investigation by other professionals. These commonly include, but not limited to the following;

Pool, pump / fence inspectors, electricians, plumbers, roofing contractors, and engineers, are often called in to make valued judgements, and offer solutions about issues that have arisen in the initial reports.

We encourage you to attend the building inspection, for this very important process so you may better understand the ramifications of the highlighted issues.

What are Pro-Check Building Services all about?

New residential building defects inspections.

Owners of newly completed residential dwellings, upon reaching Practical Completion, can have their own preferred CRBI licensed building inspector do a full defects inspection, with items to be completed by the builder as necessary, prior to handover.

Pre-purchase property inspections.

Pre-purchase property inspections are typically for existing properties, and are often required by the financial institutions, so they are able to evaluate the risk / condition, against the valuation or location, of the property.

Pre-sale reports.

A report undertaken prior to the property being offered on the market is to evaluate the existing property conditions and risks, with upgrades as necessary to limit any unforeseen objections, when the purchaser’s own build and pest providers deliver their own due diligence and risk assessment reports for the buyers.

Special purpose reports.

Special purpose reports are typically undertaken after a client has contracted a builder to construct a deck, granny flat or similar,  and have been unsatisfied with the fit and finish, or contractual omissions of the overall project. A report is submitted, and often involves the Queensland Building & Construction Commission being called in for a full assessment.

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Building Inspection

Pro-Check Building Services in Brisbane offer Residential Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale, New Home Defects inspections and will organise the Pest Inspections on your behalf when we conduct your building inspection. We are available for services around Brisbane from Morayfield, Ipswich, Logan and Beaudesert areas with other Queensland areas upon request.


New Build Inspections

The completion of defects inspections is very different and takes into account the areas as per the Australian Standard 4349.0.
This involves the roof if accessible with a 3.6 metre ladder placed on the ground, the ceiling void, an internal inspection and site


Don’t take our word for it

I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you and John for the inspection you did. The damage you found in your search, which I know was identified as a result of how thorough you are with your work, has saved me a substantial amount of money. I was advised there is no better investment than a good building and pest and now I very much agree!

Thanks again


Dear Pro-Check Building Services and Dominant Pest Management,

Thank you for sending me your building and pest reports. It was a pleasure to meet Ray and Dominic and to benefit from their expertise!

Best wishes

James, Your Content Goes Here

The Pro-Check team left no stone unturned when they inspected the property we were planning to purchase. Their construction knowledge and reporting detail made it an easy decision wether to buy the house. We ended up buying the house and found anything that wasn’t reported on.

Many thanks

Johanna Brands,

Do you know what to check for?

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