Building inspections

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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Pre purchase building inspections are for existing established properties and are regulated by the Australian Standard 4349.1- 2007.

The purpose of the property inspection is to advise the purchaser of any major defects or safety issues that exist within the property,  within 30m of the subject building, and is a general risk and condition assessment of the property.

The initial build and pest reports often are the precursor for follow up inspections by builders, engineers, arborists, landscapers, etc., to enable costings for rectification works to be carried out, so there are no nasty financial surprises after the contract goes unconditional.


Professional pest providers will attend simultaneously for the pest inspection, can also assist with upgrades and treatments as necessary to limit the risk to the property.

Having two sets of eyes looking over a property (both building and pest inspectors) obviously has numerous benefits, as they can each focus on their specialized area of expertise, and collaborate the findings at the end.


Electrical inspections are important in older properties, or where the evidence suggests that the home handyman may have been involved with some unsafe wiring practices.


The pool, pump, and fence condition inspection will normally be conducted at the same time by the licensed professional, with a written report on the findings.


Structural engineers are usually called in where structural matters were observed in the initial building inspection. This may be a simple retaining wall leaning, or substantial cracking to walls or other structural members, which require further evaluation, with costings for upgrades. Contrary to many building inspectors beliefs in the industry, structural engineers are the only professionals qualified to comment on any structural matters, relative to the property.

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