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There is no check like Pro-Check ™

PRO-CHECK® Building Services began the on path to excellence in 2007 with the goal of providing a more detailed building inspection service and report than was currently the industry standard.

There is no secret to maintaining the edge in any technical profession. Up skilling is the key, with great customer service the constant.
The PRO-CHECK philosophy is to gain knowledge from as many industry functions and trade shows a year as possible, to maintain the edge. The great constant in the universe is change, and in this technical world we call home, we are often totally submersed in new concepts that require a paradigm shift in our thinking.

The reports are formatted to provide enough detail to the technically minded, and be descriptive enough to be understood by other industry professionals not familiar with building terms.
Photos of major items are included in the report, as they provide evidence of location, and the extent of the defect, for the benefit of all. This is especially relevant for non professional handymen that are often engaged by agents for their cost effectiveness, in upgrading the necessary items that their skill set can match.

One call does it all, to book your necessary inspections

Our friendly staff will liaise between agents, pest management contractors, electricians, engineers and pool inspectors as necessary, to organise your building inspection. We encourage you to join us on site, and discuss items of interest, after the inspection of your property.

Call 0411 046 076 for further details or to book your inspection.